Coffee Creamer Emergency!


OK so this isn’t exactly something I did with the kiddos but it is something I did because I need my energy to be a good mom to the kiddos.

I ran out of coffee creamer yesterday – which is tantamount to the end of the world for me. I need my coffee. Coffee is what keeps me standing and moving… nevermind smiling and thinking. Without coffee, those things are just not a part of my day.

So I was desperate. And desperate times call for desperate measures.

So I logged into google and found a recipe for homemade coffee creamer and thank goodness it was simple, otherwise I wouldn’t be here – writing this post. I would be searching our cabinets for those chocolate-covered coffee beans I stuffed back behind something over a year ago after deciding it was time for a diet.

HERE is the fantastic website where I found my recipe. Full marks for making the post funny but really I’m just grateful it was easy to read for someone whose brain was not yet on.

Whew. What an adventure.

It’s definitely Monday!