WOW! My first blog award here – MOST UPLIFTING BLOGGER AWARD – THANKS!

This is the very first blog award I’ve received for this blog!

THANKS Donna! Exciting!

Most Uplifting Blogger Award I feel so loved!

I don’t know what’s so uplifting about this blog (funny maybe) but I really appreciate the thought!

You’re so awesome!

OK. How this works is:

  • You nominate at least 7 (more if you like) blogs for the award. (They MUST be uplifting in SOME WAY. They don’t have to be religious – just uplifting)
  • Write a post telling us who you’ve nominated and…
  • Tell us 7 things you are Thankful about/for! (Again, doesn’t have to be religious – most anything will do)
  • Make sure you let the bloggers know they’re nominated.
  • Wear your badge with pride (Post it somewhere on your blog)

MY Nominees for this blog:

I hope you find some blogs among this list that will inspire and lift you up!
I know I have! WOW!

And my 7 things I’m thankful for (Much easier than 7 things about myself by the way):

  1. I am Thankful for my beautiful children. They couldn’t be more of a blessing to me!
  2. I am Thankful for God’s gift of family! What would we do without them?
  3. I am Thankful that God created Chocolate!
  4. I am Thankful for the COFFEE bean and the wonders we can get from it!
  5. I am Thankful to have children who enjoy cooking!
  6. I am Thankful God gave me a sense of humor and such a bright outlook on life!
  7. I am Thankful for wordpress – without whom none of this would be possible!

OK! Your turn!

HAVE FUN with it!


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We’re still here. I promise. Just a few minor setbacks…


On second glance, I am not as thrilled with “Baking Through the Bible” as I was at first.

Oh, it looks good on the surface. The pictures are pretty. The stories sound good (I prefer KJV myself but most don’t so it works) and the recipes seem amazing. Until you try to actually do them.

First, most of them are NOT anything a young child would actually eat. I know, I know, I should have looked closer when I read through it and promised you all a walk through the recipes with my kids. But I didn’t and now we’re stuck with a bunch of recipes they won’t touch and 5 cookie recipes that are essentially the same exact cookie. And the kids are not exactly thrilled with this cookie. If it were tastier, they would love it but kids, they’re picky. It’s great that they look pretty but to actually get a kid to eat something, it has to taste good too.

So I could have made you all sit through 20 blog posts where I basically take you through the motions but have no real advice other than the kiddos probably won’t like this recipe, but it’s so much nicer to spare you that in my opinion.

So I will be back next week with a brand new step by step with some basic cooking lessons we’ve been doing with just normal everyday recipes.

…until I find some NEW recipes they will like.

THANK YOU for sticking with me!


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God Bless You!



On this blog, I plan to chronicle our adventures as I teach my kids to cook.

They are helping in the kitchen and excited about learning but if you’ve ever cooked with kids,
you know what a challenge it can be.

Get ready for laughs, spills and lots of love!


Disclaimer: I have no control over the ads you may see below. I am sorry if any of the content is inappropriate.