Eggs à la Not me!

Apparently I used to like eggs. My mother laments constantly that I stopped liking eggs because one of my teachers talked about not liking them.

During my adulthood I’ve given them several chances and I really tried to like them but I think it must be a texture issue. Anyway…

My children really enjoy scrambled eggs and I make them a lot so I figured this would be a great thing to teach. Also they have watched me make them many times over the years so they already know a bit about the process.

Apparently I was correct. A lot of what they’ve watched over the years has obviously stuck with them. That showed today as we went through the process.

Just a quick rundown of how we make scrambled eggs:

– Crack 3 – 5 eggs into a small mixing bowl
– Pour in a splash of milk
– Add a dash of salt and pepper
– Put about a teaspoon of butter into a medium size skillet. Place it on your stovetop and turn the heat on medium.
– Stir/whip the eggs with a fork until thoroughly scrambled
– Once the butter is all melted and spread out in the skillet, pour the egg mixture in.
– Using a soft spatula, scrape and scoop and flip the eggs constantly in the skillet – this will continue to scramble them as they cook.
– Once they’re done to your liking, scoop them out onto your plate.
– We like to sprinkle some shredded cheddar on top.

If you are also teaching your child to cook, make sure you mention to them that the skillet is very hot.


Happy children! They helped and they have yummy eggs to eat!

No funny incidents to report this time but check back for the next installment. I’m sure we’ll have silly things happen from time to time.


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God Bless You!


Cookie Adventures Lesson 1


OK. Yes. Maybe it was cheating a little bit to start with ready-bake cookies but they like them. No really… They do. The kids love these cookies!

So these were what we started with.

So we bought the cookies. We came home and we decided to get baking!

Before this experience the kids have asked questions about cooking, they’ve stirred things, they’ve watched and they’ve shopped with me of course. But never before have they had such an active roll in the entire process.

This time, they took an active part in everything. From purchase to serving.

If you’ve ever made these cookies before, you know they have a top and a bottom and if you get it wrong… your picture is not so pretty. So we started with that. I picked one up and showed them the difference. Then we talked about how important it is to put space between each cookie.

It’s amazing the things you have to think about when you’re teaching someone to cook. Little things that you take for granted can have huge ramifications.

My daughter wanted to put the cookies into the oven but she got distracted so she missed out on that & I’m not quite ready to let her take them out yet so I offered that job to my son but he didn’t want it. They’re both still a bit hesitant about the stove when it’s hot and that’s good but… It makes the process much slower when they won’t go near a hot stove.

The spatula wielding was up to me as well. As much as I want them to learn, I wanted cookies… not crumbs and this brand can really crumble if you don’t get them just right. So they watched me scoop the cookies from stone to plate.

All in all, a huge success if I do say so myself.

No picture of the final product. Sorry. I’ll get one next time, before they’re inhaled.

DISCLAIMER: We do not celebrate Halloween. But we do like pumpkins!
Who doesn’t!

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God Bless You!



On this blog, I plan to chronicle our adventures as I teach my kids to cook.

They are helping in the kitchen and excited about learning but if you’ve ever cooked with kids,
you know what a challenge it can be.

Get ready for laughs, spills and lots of love!


Disclaimer: I have no control over the ads you may see below. I am sorry if any of the content is inappropriate.