On this blog, I plan to chronicle our adventures as I teach my kids to cook.

They are helping in the kitchen and excited about learning but if you’ve ever cooked with kids,
you know what a challenge it can be.

Get ready for laughs, spills and lots of love!


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My son the chef.

20140623-115404.jpg My son is a much more creative cook than I have ever been and he loves coming up with his very own creative concoctions.

This time it’s something he calls a “Fried Egg Omelet”

And it’s just what it sounds like so you can do it too!


Fried Egg Omelet

2 eggs
2 Tablespoons Butter
Milk, salt & pepper to taste
Shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Warm up a small skillet and put in 1 Tbs of butter to melt.

Scramble 1 egg with milk, salt & pepper to taste. Pour into heated skillet.

Allow to cook completely. Flip carefully and cook other side fully.

Remove finished omelet to waiting plate.

Fry your other egg(using the other Tbs of butter).

When cooked to taste, remove carefully from heat, place on top of omelet, sprinkle with cheese and fold in half.



As you see from the picture above, he is! It was a struggle to get him to stop eating so I could take a picture…

I will have to start teaching him more things to cook and see what he comes up with!

God Bless!

Coffee Creamer Emergency!


OK so this isn’t exactly something I did with the kiddos but it is something I did because I need my energy to be a good mom to the kiddos.

I ran out of coffee creamer yesterday – which is tantamount to the end of the world for me. I need my coffee. Coffee is what keeps me standing and moving… nevermind smiling and thinking. Without coffee, those things are just not a part of my day.

So I was desperate. And desperate times call for desperate measures.

So I logged into google and found a recipe for homemade coffee creamer and thank goodness it was simple, otherwise I wouldn’t be here – writing this post. I would be searching our cabinets for those chocolate-covered coffee beans I stuffed back behind something over a year ago after deciding it was time for a diet.

HERE is the fantastic website where I found my recipe. Full marks for making the post funny but really I’m just grateful it was easy to read for someone whose brain was not yet on.

Whew. What an adventure.

It’s definitely Monday!

WOW! My first blog award here – MOST UPLIFTING BLOGGER AWARD – THANKS!

This is the very first blog award I’ve received for this blog!

THANKS Donna! Exciting!

Most Uplifting Blogger Award I feel so loved!

I don’t know what’s so uplifting about this blog (funny maybe) but I really appreciate the thought!

You’re so awesome!

OK. How this works is:

  • You nominate at least 7 (more if you like) blogs for the award. (They MUST be uplifting in SOME WAY. They don’t have to be religious – just uplifting)
  • Write a post telling us who you’ve nominated and…
  • Tell us 7 things you are Thankful about/for! (Again, doesn’t have to be religious – most anything will do)
  • Make sure you let the bloggers know they’re nominated.
  • Wear your badge with pride (Post it somewhere on your blog)

MY Nominees for this blog:

I hope you find some blogs among this list that will inspire and lift you up!
I know I have! WOW!

And my 7 things I’m thankful for (Much easier than 7 things about myself by the way):

  1. I am Thankful for my beautiful children. They couldn’t be more of a blessing to me!
  2. I am Thankful for God’s gift of family! What would we do without them?
  3. I am Thankful that God created Chocolate!
  4. I am Thankful for the COFFEE bean and the wonders we can get from it!
  5. I am Thankful to have children who enjoy cooking!
  6. I am Thankful God gave me a sense of humor and such a bright outlook on life!
  7. I am Thankful for wordpress – without whom none of this would be possible!

OK! Your turn!

HAVE FUN with it!


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Favorite Christmas Recipes…

What are your favorite Christmas Recipes?

Holiday Pretzel Treats

Holiday Pretzel Treats

What recipes do you enjoy making with your children?

Christmas Tree Sandwich Cookies

Christmas Tree Sandwich Cookies

What recipes do you want to try out this year?

Gingerbread Heads

Gingerbread Heads

What recipes are traditions – handed down from generation to generation?

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Whatever you bake/cook/eat this year, Have fun with it!


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I am sorry if any of the content is inappropriate.

It’s Almost Christmas! We need Chocolate!

How many of you have made these with your kids?

Fun aren’t they? White Dipped Pretzels

And of course we never eat them as we make them…

We do occasionally go ahead and dip the broken or wonky pretzels because we know we’ll eat those. I just don’t have any pictures. (not because they go so fast…because they’re not pretty for pictures – yeah, that’s it)

The most important thing is the fun. The kids can make a mess because the whole table is covered with wax paper and everyone enjoys sneaking a pretzel or two.

It’s a good lesson about God too – if you think about it.

Here you have this funny looking pretzel. It’s brown, it’s bumpy and covered in salt. It has little holes all over where air bubbles have popped.

But when you dip it into the chocolate, it transforms into something pretty, new, smooth and soft. God’s love is like that. White Dipped Pretzel Sticks

It’s amazing!

A great opportunity to share the story with your children.

A “teachable moment” as they say.


And God Bless you and your family this Holiday season!

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Everyday Cooking Ironies 1

Sunny side up They don’t even need me anymore.

Well, not every time anyway…

Recently, my son went into the kitchen and fixed eggs “Sunny Side Up” all on his own.

Where did he learn this you ask, if not from me?

From a science DVD: Moody Science Series “Facts of Faith”.

If you haven’t seen these, they really are a FANTASTIC resource, whether you home-school or not. They teach children about science in a fun and interactive way.

My children watch them over and over and over.

factsoffaith_dvd_lgYou really should consider investing in them for your own children.

They’re wonderful!

And apparently, they can also teach cooking… LOL!

Just to clarify, he didn’t do this without supervision. I’ve told him he has to have permission and supervision to cook anything so he told me what he wanted to do and I went to watch.

The irony here is that I’ve never been very good with Sunny Side Up eggs (or Fried Eggs as some call them) so I was not much help to him. I suppose I can take a little credit because I taught him the basics of cooking eggs but the credit for how good he is with these particular eggs lays entirely with Dr. Moody.

And I’m thrilled. I don’t have to worry about not doing them well, because HE DOES!

The rest of the video was really interesting too. LOL!

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I am sorry if any of the content is inappropriate.